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A big welcome back to you all! We hope you enjoyed your summer holidays and had lots of fun! 

A small homework to ease you back into school routine wink


What are your hopes for this year? Is there anything you would like to achieve? Do you have any goals you would like to set? 


Can you please help your child to write something they would like to achieve this year. This can be anything they want ~ inside or outside of school. Please write it on a small square piece of paper so we are able to fit them all in a jar at school.


Would you like to set an academic goal like being able to recite my 2 x tables off by heart, start to read a particular book and finish it or practise your drawing skills? It could be a physical goal such as being able to dribble a football and score a goal. Would you like to learn to play an instrument? It could be something linked to being a kind friend or growing your own vegetables. 


We will put them into our "journey jar" in class and we will check on them throughout the year - we may even add to them - and we will make sure we are working on something for ourselves!


Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks, 


Mrs Cadmore

Achieving, Building, Celebrating