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Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts

Links with Children’s Rights

Expressive Arts enables children to experience their rights. These include their human rights to freedom of expression and participation (Articles 12 and 13 of the UNCRC), their rights to cultural participation (Articles 15 and 31 of the UNCRC) and their right to their own identity (Articles 2, 7 and 30 of the UNCRC).


In Cila the dynamic nature of the Expressive Arts engage and motivate learners, developing their creative, artistic and performance skills to the full.


The Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience centres on the five disciplines of art, dance, drama, film and digital media, and music.


While these disciplines have a common creative process and share transferable skills, each has its own discrete body of knowledge and set of discernible skills.


What Matters in Expressive Arts 


  • Exploring the expressive arts is essential to developing artistic skills and knowledge and it enables learners to become curious and creative individuals.
  • Responding and reflecting, both as artist and audience, is a fundamental part of learning in the expressive arts.
  • Creating combines skills and knowledge, drawing on the senses, inspiration and imagination.


Progression in the Expressive Arts


  • Increasing breadth and depth of knowledge
  • Deepening understanding of the ideas and disciplines within areas of learning and experience
  • Refinement and growing sophistication in the use and application of skills
  • Making connections and transferring learning into new contexts
  • Increasing effectiveness as a learner


Learning in Expressive Arts in Cila includes for example:


  • Performances across all disciplines and across all classes
  • Music Tuition by a music specialist
  • Dance lessons
  • Drama lessons
  • Animation lessons
  • Making and editing films
  • Mixed media art lessons
  • 3D modelling lessons
  • Innovation and creation focus week
  • Singing whole school
  • Choir
  • Annual Summer Serenade School Community performances
  • Annual School Pantomime performances
  • Exposure to theatrical performances and film
  • Visits to art galleries
  • Opportunities to work with local artists
  • Exposure to music, art and writing from different cultures and time
  • Green screening
  • Using digital media devices to record, arrange and improvise music



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