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Year 5/6

Year 5&6

Looking back 

Welcome to Year 5&6 - we have had a fun start to the term already! 

The children have decided on where they would like to stop on our historical timeline and have selected the following areas:

  • Dinosaurs 🦖 
  • Ancient Egypt  
  • Ancient Greece - Gods 
  • The golden age of piracy 
  • Victorians
  • Titanic

We will be answering questions posed by the pupils and investigating using a range of sources. 


Science - we are learning about space and looking at the planets in depth; starting with our own beautiful planet 🌍 

We are currently investigating the best materials and designs to protect our ‘eggstranauts’. The pupils are working in teams to create capsules to drop from a height of 3metres. The pupils must be able to take their egg in and out of the capsule, amongst other set rules. 

Keep an eye out for the results on this page..

Check out our designs... 



Eggstanaut capsule designs

Trip to the Senedd - 9th October 2018

Debate in the old chamber ...

Still image for this video
Year 5&6 took part in a debate in the old chamber in the Senedd. They used their debating skills to emulate what it may be like to decide upon a new law for Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

🦕 A dinosaur comes to Cila! 🦖

🦕 A dinosaur comes to Cila! 🦖  1
🦕 A dinosaur comes to Cila! 🦖  2
🦕 A dinosaur comes to Cila! 🦖  3
🦕 A dinosaur comes to Cila! 🦖  4

👻Happy Halloween Day 🎃

👻Happy Halloween Day 🎃  1
👻Happy Halloween Day 🎃  2
👻Happy Halloween Day 🎃  3
👻Happy Halloween Day 🎃  4
👻Happy Halloween Day 🎃  5
👻Happy Halloween Day 🎃  6
👻Happy Halloween Day 🎃  7