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What a lovely week - even the sun has come out for some gorgeous weather!!!


This week's homework is more of a request (please!!!) than work to do at home! There are two!


Request 1:

We have started to set up our own recycling shop as our role play area and will be making things to buy and sell. Before that, we will start by completing some recyclable art, where the children will work in small groups to create a bird's eye view model of something they choose. We have some recycling materials in school but would love more. Could you possibly gather some materials over the weekend to bring in for Monday (when we will be completing it). We would need:


cardboard/paper./newspaper etc

tins/metal lids etc

plastic bottles/cartons etc


Please no glass or anything sharp. Everything must be cleaned fully and completely dry!


Request 2:

We have also looked at some familiar persuasive adverts we have seen on tv and evaluated them, picking out the good and bad features. On the back of that we have planned our own persuasive adverts! The children worked in small groups to plan their advert - they had to choose an everyday item to sell, discuss props they would need and write a persuasive script that included alliteration, hyperboles and persuasive language. We are filming them on Monday/Tuesday and need your help with some props the children need. Your child will come home with a list of some things they've said you may have so if you do, we would be ever so grateful to borrow them for a day or two! They need to be brought in on Monday please. Some children have made props in school and have located props we already have so may not need anything so don't worry if they don't come home with any requests! They can however, use clothing props like glasses and hats etc if they want to!


Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Many thanks, 


Mrs Cadmore

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