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            Year 6                    Stay safe, have fun and don't forget to keep in touch!    

New home learning for your last fortnight at Cila is now available! 

It has been a pleasure to teach all of you and I just wish that circumstances were different so that we could all say goodbye together. You are all such amazing individuals and I have no doubt that you will have successful and bright futures ahead of you.

Remember that you are always enough and to stay true to yourself and being kind is one of the greatest gifts that you can give.


The last goodbye...enjoy the memories!

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Home Learning for your last fortnight at Cila

Design your own Maths board game

Simplifying fractions

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Your motivation is inspiring!

How to survive Year 6 by Connor

Morgan's animal food chain

How to survive Year 6 by Tilly

Martha's Hero presentation

Tilly's Hero presentation - Katherine Johnson

Home learning Fortnight 6 (22.06.20)

Morgan's fantastic comic book!

Simply beautiful

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Tilly's imaginative Minecraft bedroom

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Morgan’s incredible Minecraft bedroom!

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You all continue to amaze me ...

Home Learning Fortnight 5 (08.06.20)

Convert any Fraction to a Decimal

Division Support

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Multiplication using the long method for 2, 2 digit numbers

Martha's 'Charlie Mackesy' inspired art

Chloe's 'Charlie Mackesy' inspired art

Tilly's 'Charlie Mackesy' inspired art

Keep up the enthusiasm and hard work; I am so proud of you all!

Thinking of you all ...

The images are by an artist and author called Charlie Mackesy. You may remember that we read his book ‘The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse’ in class (kindly recommended by Mrs Colclough) 

The messages in the images have never been more relevant than at this time. 
Perhaps you’d like to try to emulate Charlie’s style of drawing and write and create your own message to send to your friends. Send me your images and I will send them to Charlie Mackesy on Twitter; hopefully he might reply! 
Have a lovely half term! 

Charlotte's Lockdown Song

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Tilly's Lockdown Song

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Home Learning Week beginning 18.05.20 and 01.06.20

Literacy Fortnight 4

Mental Health Awareness Week

Oliver's Lockdown song

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Check out Oliver's lockdown song; it is sure to put a smile on your face!

If you go down to the woods today ...

More fantastic home learning...

Home Learning Week 3 (04.05.20)

Literacy Week 3

Welsh Week 3

The face of lockdown!

Connor's film trailer

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Connor has cleverly used images from a book with text and fitting music to entice viewers to watch his new film - Well done Connor!

Morgan’s film trailer

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Morgan has created a film trailer for one of his favourite books, using some very clever and effective animation techniques.

More wonderful home learning!

Tilly's Trampoball

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Tilly has invented new game called Trampoball; if you have a trampoline, then this one is for you! Listen carefully to her instructions and have fun!

     Earth Day 2020

On Wednesday 22nd April, it is Earth Day 2020. 

Below are some activities you might like to try to help protect and raise awareness about some of the issues affecting our planet:

  • Create a poster/presentation/video to inform others about factors affecting the planet and what we can do to help
  • Make a den in your garden out of natural materials (stay very quiet and see if you can spot any wildlife near by) 
  • Take a walk around your garden or outside during your one hour exercise allowance and find inspiration to create a collage, painting or creation of your choice
  • Make homes or feeders to encourage wildlife into your garden 
  • Collect litter on your walk
  • Plant seeds or new plants in your garden 
  • Recycle plastic to make planters/feeders/art for your garden
  • Anything else inspirational, fun and influential that you can think of - don't forget to share your work with me! Good luck and have fun! 



Home Learning Week 2 (20.04.20)

Science Week 2

Amazing home learning and baking fun!

Until we meet again ...

Year 6 Entrepreneurial sale

The pupils were given £10 to invest in products and ‘ingredients’ to make and sell in a Mother’s Day sale. 
They worked incredibly hard, creating business plans with potential profit and loss calculations. 
In total, they raised £190 to use to purchase resources for the year 6 to inspire learning across the AOLE’s. 

1940’s Swansea Bay Museum

Numeracy and creative challenge

World book day 2020

STEM with Morrison utility supplies

Whole School Safer Internet Homework

                 Spring Term



This term our topic is Hands Around the World and we have decided to focus on World War 2. We have planned lots of exciting RICH tasks and challenges covering the areas of learning, including numeracy and map work through humanities and expressive arts. 

A walk down memory lane with Mr Morris

Gymnastics fun!

Autumn Term


Image result for autumnal picture

This term our theme is Flight and we will be learning about the history of aviation, starting with Leonardo Da Vinci and how some of his inventions inspired many people. 

Our class novel is Harry Potter and we have been working hard through our EPIC planning to see how  many areas of the curriculum we can plan exciting lessons for. 

Science fun

This term we are learning about the human body. We have started by trying to identify and locate the major organs in the human body and discussing the different systems that help us to live. 

Where are our organs located?

Achieving, Building, Celebrating