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Year 6

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                 Spring Term



This term our topic is Hands Around the World and we have decided to focus on World War 2. We have planned lots of exciting RICH tasks and challenges covering the areas of learning, including numeracy and map work through humanities and expressive arts. 

A walk down memory lane with Mr Morris

Gymnastics fun!

Autumn Term


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This term our theme is Flight and we will be learning about the history of aviation, starting with Leonardo Da Vinci and how some of his inventions inspired many people. 

Our class novel is Harry Potter and we have been working hard through our EPIC planning to see how  many areas of the curriculum we can plan exciting lessons for. 

Science fun

This term we are learning about the human body. We have started by trying to identify and locate the major organs in the human body and discussing the different systems that help us to live. 

Where are our organs located?