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Year 3

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Our whole school theme is 'Elements' this term. Our class have decided that they would like to find out about natural disasters and their possible causes. 


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Homework and spellings are given out on a Friday and homework should be returned by the following Tuesday. 


PE lessons are on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Spelling tests and times table tests take place on a Friday morning.






Cola vs Mentos


Today, Year 3 found out what happens when cola and mentos are mixed. We are learning about volcanoes in class, so this experiment is perfect to recreate a volcanic eruption! Everyone made a prediction and worked in groups to decide how best to measure the eruption. Some groups chose to video the experiment, with a meter stick in the background, to try to measure the height when they watched it back, whilst other groups wanted to see how much liquid was left in the bottle after the explosion. It was great fun!

If you would like to find out more, check out this website: 


Co-op Diet Cola

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Diet Pepsi

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Diet Coke

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No Caffeine Diet Coke

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Dragon Sports Event - The Elba



Image result for centipedeAdverts for insects Image result for insect


Year 3 have been working very hard on habitats this term. They have looked carefully around the yard to see what sort of creatures can be found, and where they like to live. They know that insects and small creatures are an important part of food webs in our area, so we should encourage plenty of them (to keep plants healthy and to feed birds). The class put bamboo canes, bricks, logs, sticks and pine cones around the yard for creatures to live in They will carry out a survey after Easter to find out whether adding these things has had a positive impact on the number of creatures that can be found. 

The class have used their fantastic skills of persuasion (our focus text type this term) to create adverts that encourage insects and other small creatures to come to our yard. 

Come to Bugtopia!

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Buggy-Village has plenty for insects to eat

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Houses of Nature provide a great environment for all insects!

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Worms, ants and more are welcome in Bug Paradise

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What kind of small creature wouldn't love to live in Bugtropolis?

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Habitats - We are trying to encourage wildlife to live in our yard

Boss Bags - The bag that you can draw on!

Starting to look at persuasive writing




Impact Dance Group - Gorseinon Collage


Students from Gorseinon Collage came to perform to us today. Their dancing was incredible, and we were lucky enough to take part in some dancing with them after!




World Book Day

We have had great fun today, dressing up as our favourite characters and taking part in some fun activities. 

World Book Day



Swans Ambassadors Workshop


Today, we took part in the Swans Ambassadors Workshop. We enjoyed hearing about Leon Britton's life in an assembly, then we completed some tricky maths activities in class. After that, we practised our football skills on the yard. It was brilliant! 



Roman Banquet 


Today, our class elf, Spangles, brought a Roman banquet in for us to taste! We had wine (alcohol free!), goats cheese, different kinds of bread, pomegranate, peacock, dormice, fish and olives. Trying the food that wealthy Romans used to enjoy was so much fun.



Challenge Friday!

We have completed lots of fun challenges this Friday. We played times table games, practiced our spelling words and made Roman Colosseums out of paper. We got points for including special features in our Colosseum, like an emperor's box, trap doors and gladiators. Here are some pictures of the Colosseums that we created. 

Colosseum Challenge

Dissolving investigation

Starting Recount Writing

Achieving, Building, Celebrating