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Extension work

Welcome to the extension work page! 

If you have completed all of the tasks for the fortnight and want some extra tasks, then look no further... this is the page for you! 

Firstly, check through the home learning page to see if you have accidentally missed a task. 

Next, check to see if you can challenge yourself further with any of the challenges; have you tried green or amber maths or literacy and found them too easy? If so, then you need to move up a level! 

Finally, if you feel you have completed every task then carry on reading to discover some additional challenges. 


You have new spelling words for this week, so don't forget to log in to Readiwriter to practise! Click on the link below to begin! 


You can also try to complete a lesson on Reading Eggspress everyday; don't forget to complete the Forms questionnaire to share your learning on the home learning page for this fortnight. Click on the link below to start your lesson. 


Reading comprehension - practise your reading skills and strategies with the tricky text below!


If you have completed the maths for this fortnight and feel that you have challenged yourself successfully, then try to ensure that you are practising your tables on TTRS daily! Use the link below to log in: 


I have allocated games for this fortnight on Abacus also, so don't forget to check your account! Some of you have lots of games waiting to be played! Click on the link below to log in. 


Science/Numeracy/Expressive Arts - Awesome illusions

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