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Children's Mental Health Week

Children’s Mental Health Week 1st-7th February

This year the theme for Children’s Mental Health Week is ‘Express Yourself’.

For Children's Mental Health Week 2021 we will be encouraging children (and adults) to explore the different ways we can express ourselves, and the creative ways that we can share our feelings, our thoughts and our ideas.


Children's Mental Health Week 2021: Express Yourself

With Children's Mental Health Week 2021 just over four months away, today Place2Be have announced that next year's theme is Express Yourself.Learn more at ch...

Please have a go at some fun activities taken from the Place2Be charity website, they aim to promote different ways in which the children can express themselves.

Children's Mental Health Week 2021 - a message from our Royal Patron

Watch our Royal Patron HRH The Duchess of Cambridge's video message to mark the start of the Children's Mental Health Week. Learn more: http://www.childrensm...


Please look at some different ways that we can promote well-being not just in children but in adults too:

Make time for fun! Playing, laughing and having fun is so important for our well-being. Spend time this weekend playing a game with your family and just having fun!   

You are all special.

Think about 3 things that makes you special and unique. Ask your family what they think makes you special and unique.

Exercise and go outside

When we exercise it isn’t only good for our body but our mind too.  Go for a walk outdoors in the fresh air and enjoy.



Do something that makes you feel relaxed. Maybe listen to some soothing music, have a bubble bath or cuddle up on the settee and watch your favourite film with your family?

Make sure you get enough sleep and have an early night.


In school when we do the register, we talk about how we are feeling each day. Whatever you are feeling it is important to take time to tell someone close to you. It can really help to share your feelings.


Be mindful

Being mindful means noticing what is going on around you in the moment. What can you see? What can you hear? How does your body feel? What are you thinking? Take time to notice the little things.



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