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The Hobbit

Chapter 3 - A Short Rest


Click on the book cover below to listen to chapter 3 of The Hobbit


Inference Task - It is not just a tree...


Click on the image below to watch the video that explains this task. 


Flipgrid challenge - McVities Digestive Biscuits Advert - Kittens

Flipgrid challenge - This is one of my favourite adverts - why do you think it is effective?
Log in to Flipgrid and watch my video for this week.
Can you tell us about your favourite advert and why you think it is effective? Can you find any persuasive devices in the advert?
Make your own Flipgrid video to explain why the advert you have chosen is persuasive and effective.

Welsh reading comprehension task


Click on the image below to watch a support video for the Welsh reading comprehension task

Achieving, Building, Celebrating