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Welcome to the Summer Term

Join us on our journey of learning through our theme 'Once Upon a Time'


Party Picnic to celebrate the Queens Jubilee

Look at our wonderful display in the school's Enchanted Garden..........

Creation and Innovation Week. We made some flowers to brighten up Hazel's Kitchen. We weaved using natural materials too!

Planting and growing

Jack and the Beanstalk.


Spring Term in Nursery

Follow our learning as we leap into the spring term! 

Our theme this term is 'Earth Matters'. We will discover lots of interesting things about the world around us.

We will start our journey in Africa with Handa and her very big basket of fruit. What will we discover?

Planting our sunflower seeds.

Having Fun and Keeping Fit!

We explored Antarctica and tried to stop the ice from melting.

Writing our names.

Can you spot who has been eating their pancake after we made them?

Investigating 3D Shapes. Curved or flat faces? Which shapes roll? Which shapes slide?

Sorting 3D Shapes during our Busy Bee Jobs!

World Book Day. Can you tell who we are?

Cooking and exploring new tastes at our Chinese banquet.

Exploring fruit to gather information.......

Printing with fruit and writing with banana's!!!


We tasted fruit from Handa's basket then made ourselves some fruit kebabs.

We recorded our feelings about the fruit we tasted.

Look at us playing 'Placing the animal' game. We moved Handa's animals to the correct position. Can you guess where the animals are? Are they above,on,on top, under,beneath,inside,between,alongside or below?

We are having fun with our numbers.

Welcome back to  Autumn term 2021!

We have a fantastic term of learning ahead of us.

Come and join us on our learning journey.

Our Nursery Winter Wonderland is open!

Filming for the Christmas Nativity 'A King Is Born' is well underway!

Putting up the Christmas tree! Look at the wonderful decorations you have made.

We are enjoying our new small world airport. We have been packing our bags and flying off to different countries.

Supporting Children In Need - We helped to raise £165.74

Celebrating 'Happy Halloween Day' Can you recognise us????

Outdoor fun using the parachute!!

Look at our gallery of owl collages.

Using natural materials to create owl feathers

Can you make a nest for the baby owls using the correct materials?

What is 10? Can you fit 10 tiny things into a tiny box?

Can you make a safe nest for the eggs?

Supporting Macmillan Coffee morning- Eating cakes and having fun!!

Making choices as we created our owl sandwiches.

We have been flying our owls in the garden.

Look at us sequencing the story of the 'Owl Babies'.

Using our playdough to make wings, feathers and beaks for the owl.

Enjoying our outdoor challenges.

Look at us writing our letter patterns....

Our first day back in nursery!!

Areas of Learning and Experience


JOLLY Phonics Jolly Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics programme designed to teach children to read and write.

Achieving, Building, Celebrating