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Inspirational people


Create a booklet to share in class about an inspirational person you admire. 

What have they done to impact society? 

How did they make a difference? 

What obstacles did they have to overcome? 


Try to include images and fun facts and remember to summarise your research to show your understanding. 


Inventions research! 


Can you research 5 different inventions from 5 different places around the world...

Consider the following: 

  • Who was the inventor and why did they invent the product? 
  • How has the invention impacted the world? 
  • Does it link to the areas you selected in our EPIC planning? (Food, medicine, weather, Paralympics, transport, space and technology) 


You can present your work any way you wish - it could be a poster, a booklet, an Adobe Spark or even a Sway presentation! Be creative! 

Achieving, Building, Celebrating