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Maths and Numeracy

Rocket rounding 

Click on the link below to consolidate your knowledge of rounding. 


5th November 2021

Adding and subtracting fractions 

Challenge yourself with the activities below. 

Remember the key steps:

  • make sure the denominator is the same on both fractions before adding or subtracting 
  • if the denominator is different then identify an equivalent fraction 

♫ "If adding or subtracting is your aim,
The bottom numbers must be the same!

♫ "Change the bottom using multiply or divide,
But the same to the top must be applied,

♫ "And don't forget to simplify,
Before its time to say good bye"


Click on the fruit below to play a fun adding fractions game  - there are six levels of difficulty for you to challenge your learning! 

8th October 2021



Challenge yourself with the division activities below. Can you calculate a fraction AND a decimal as a remainder? 

1st October 2021

Long multiplication 


This week we have been revising methods for long multiplication. 

We created information texts to revise the key success criteria for completing long multiplication using the vertical method. 

Try out some of the challenges below! 


24th September 2021



We have been revising addition and subtraction using the vertical method this week. 

We revised the key success criteria: 

  • Line up the place value columns accurately
  • Start subtracting the units 

Have a look at the worksheets below if you would like to practise at home! 

Friday 17th September 



This week we have been ordering decimals.  

We discussed looking at each digit separately to decide where it should be placed on our number lines. 

We used place value grids to determine how many tenths, hundredths and thousandths each decimal has. 

Click on the link to practise your ordering skills - you can edit the difficulty of your challenge by selecting the options tab. 


Friday 10th September

Place Value

This week we have been revising our knowledge of place value by partitioning numbers and understanding the value that each digit in a number represents.  

Click on the links below to play a place value game. 


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