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Challenge Week: 8th February 2021


So this week is Challenge Week Year 2 and we're REALLY looking forward to seeing what you get up to and what challenges you complete! You (and your mummy's and daddy's) have been working SUPER hard this term and we thought it would be a great way for you to end the term by having some fun smiley


We have set some spellings for you on J2Blast this week. Please click on the J2Blast image and you will be taken to your spellings on Hwb!


Don't forget you can still access your reading eggs and abacus accounts this week. You have your daily counting and daily 10 challenges and there are some new tasks under 'children's mental health' that you can dip in and out of too! 


Keep your eyes peeled for our weekly stories and don't forget to send us or upload any work you complete this week! 


Have an amazing week!!!


Mrs C and Mrs E x

You have tricky words this week and there are 3 parts! Remember to start on part 1 and have a go at part 2 or 3 if you feel confident! Please follow these steps to access your spelling words:


Click on the J2Blast image and you will be taken to the J2Blast homepage.

Click on 'Spell Blast'.

Select the option: 'have a practise: click here'

Click on the 'shared' tab.

Your tricky words are here!

(You can also try the different phases that spellblast have set up!)


If you have any trouble with Spellblast, please don't hesitate to contact us smiley




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