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Year 3/4

Welcome to Year 3/4

Castell Henllys 

Y3/4 had an amazing day at Castell Henllys in West Wales. We were met by a Celtic man and the fun began. We walked across the bridge and roared as loudly as we could to go back in time!

Using wattle and daub to build a Celtic round house.

The grain store was built on stilts so that the grain would be dry in wet weather or if there were floods.

At the blacksmith's house we learnt how to use a bow drill to drill holes in slate. Everyone helped!

Inside a roundhouse

We used stones to grind wheat, made flour and then kneaded the bread dough.


We celebrated World Book Day on Friday 9th March. Well done everyone for making a huge effort with costumes. Favourite books were brought in by our pupils and some amazing book reviews were written....Harry Potter, Fantastic Mr Fox, Peter Rabbit, Gangsta Granny, The Worst Witch. It was a fantastic day!

World Book Day

Welcome to Hogwarts!

We have been researching Poland and writing persuasive texts in the form of leaflets about Poland. After researching, homes, education, geography, population, landmarks, food and cities we had a 'Polish Feast'.

Zuzanna's parents provided Polish food and drinks and we made a Polish cheesecake. It was all scrumptious!

We have been learning about Celtic Life and researching homes, clothing, hill forts, food, cooking, warriors and Boudicca. Pupils have made truly amazing Celtic round houses using recyclable materials. 

Celtic Round Houses

St. David's Day daffodils

Thank you Mair for teaching us how to make Welsh cakes.

In our music lessons with Mrs Holverson we have been reading music, learning simple tunes and creating our own music. We have developed our musical skills and improved our performance.


Library visits to Killay Library

Shrove Tuesday Pancake races

This week we have continued looking at our recount writing with the myth of Romulus and Remus. We have then imagined ourselves to be one of the characters and recounted the story, first drafting in our language books and then typing up our work on laptops.


We have also started drawing our own calligrams using flight as a theme, decorating pictures with words relating to our topic.

Achieving, Building, Celebrating