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Year 6

Year 6 

Welsh – Wales is known as the land of song. Your challenge is to create your own rap or song about Wales. This can be in either English or Welsh. 

Success criteria:

  • It must reflect what Wales means to you ( rugby, beaches, football, mountains, St David etc) 
  • You could change the words to songs you already know, please see the example below. 
  • Once you have written your song you could even send us a video of you performing it! 
  • If you are writing your song in Welsh and need a word translated you could use 'Ap Geiriaduron' which is a free Welsh dictionary App. 

This will be a competition and there will be one winning entry from each Year group. The winner will be decided by a guest judge! 

All homework should be brought back by Monday 28th February.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further clarification on


Pob lwc,

Miss Francis

Wales are the best at rugby (To the tune We Don’t Talk about Bruno) 


Wales are the best at rugby, yes, yes, yes! 

Wales are the best at rugby! 


It was a match day, 

Wales were getting ready and there wasn’t a doubt in our minds

No doubts allowed in our minds


Biggar runs in with a mischievous grin, 


Are we going to win this game tonight? 


Biggar says we’ll score some tries,

Are you ready? 

Then North comes flying by,

Get steady,  

Winning by a landslide! 


Wales are the best at rugby, yes, yes, yes! 

Wales are the best at rugby! 

Some helpful Welsh patterns if you wish to write your song/rap in Welsh

Achieving, Building, Celebrating