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Minecraft challenge


Linked to COP26 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), this Minecraft challenge will help you to see how climate change is impacting on our future. 


Climate Futures - The Rainforest 

Learning Objectives

  • To develop an understanding of deforestation and the pitfalls of unsustainable industrialization (SDG 9)
  • To explore how deforestation is connected to the greenhouse effect (SDG 13)
  • To identify how human activities contribute to climate change (SDG 13)


Click on the image below to open the lesson 

Minecraft challenge - Build your own rocket  


Invent your own rocket to fly to the moon using Minecraft. 

What materials are you going to use? 

Think carefully about the design of your rocket - will you base it on previous models built by NASA or Space X 

What items would you include to take with you to the moon?

Can you get the rocket to work? 

What are you going to name your rocket? 


Click on the image  below to access the Minecraft world linked to building rockets



Achieving, Building, Celebrating