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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school. All portraits have by designed by the children in our school smiley
Mrs Taylor Teacher Nursery and DH by Darcy Y3
Mrs Morris TA Nursery by Tilly Y5
Miss Francis Teacher Reception/Year 1 by Libby Rec
Mrs Daniel TA Reception/Year 1 by Jake Y4
Miss Phillips Teacher Year 2/3 by Archie Y2
Mrs Evans Teacher Year 2/3 by Charlotte Y2
Mrs Brannigan TA Year 2/3 by Charlie Y3
Miss Power TA Year 2/3 by Bella Y2
Mrs Hoksbergen Teacher Year 4 by Fatima Y4
Mrs Williams Teacher Year 5 by Macey Y3
Mrs Gregory Teacher Year 6 by Skye Y4
Mrs Jefferies TA KS2/support groups by Brendan Y5
Mr Lewis P.E. Teacher by Tommy Y3
Mrs Beech Secretary by Adam Y3
Mrs John Lollipop lady by Ffion Y2
Mr Daniel Caretaker by Faith Y3
Carol the Cook by Xanthe Y5
Danielle the Cook by Holly Y6