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Free Verse Poem


You have written and analysed poems really well this term!

Write a free verse poem that describes an object of your choice.

Below are some reminders of poetic devices that you could include.


Think about your use of descriptive language; include interesting adjectives and descriptions of the senses to bring your poem to life.

Similes describe something by comparing it to something else, using like or as.

  • For example: The grass was as green as an emerald.

Metaphors are words or phrases used to describe something as if it actually is something else.

  • For example: He was a ray of sunshine.

Personification is when we describe objects as if they act and feel like people do.

  • For example: The flower drooped sadly towards the soil.

Hyperbole is used to exaggerate, intensify and emphasise different ideas.

  • For example: I've got a million things to do today.

Alliteration is when you repeat the sounds at the start of words.

  • For example: The tall tree towered over them.

Onomatopoeia is when words sound like the noise they are describing.

  • For example: Roar! Whizz! Pop!


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