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Welcome to Year 4

Hi boys and girls,

This is the last two week plan before the summer holidays. Well done all of you for working so very hard at home.

You have been AMAZING!

Mrs Hoksbergen smiley


Two week plan for home learning 06.07.2020 & 13.07.2020
Extra reading comprehension activities, as requested. 

Two week plan for home learning

22.06.2020 & 29.06.2020

Well done boys and girls. You have been sharing some fantastic work!

Two week plan for home learning

08.06.2020 & 15.06.2020

Thank you for sharing your amazing work!

Two week plan for Home Learning

Weeks beginning 18th May & 1st June  (week beginning 25th May is Half Term holiday)

Well done, your Y4 video is absolutely amazing!

It is now in the gallery section of our website

Two week plan for Home Learning

Week beginning 04.05.2020 &11.05.2020

Two week plan for home learning

Week beginning 20.04.2020 & 27.04.2020

Two week plan for home learning

23.03.2020 & 30.03.2020

Resources to help you with your Learning at Home:


BBC bitesize:


Scholastic Learn at Home:

Castell Henllys Visit

We had the most amazing day in West Wales at Castell Henllys which is built at the site of an original Celtic hill fort.

We experienced building a round house using oak wood, hazel wood and daub. It was messy but great fun!
Grinding wheat to make flour was hard work but we were able to make enough flour to make bread which we cooked on an open fire.

At the blacksmith’s roundhouse we learned about heating iron to make it pliable enough to make tools and weapons. We loved having our faces painted in preparation for battle and learning about the different gods who would protect us.

A big thank you to Mr Morris and Mair (governors) for helping us with our trip. Thank you Mrs Jeffries too.

Welsh Week Competition

Whole School Safer Internet Day Homework


We had a fun filled Australia themed day when we cooked Anzac biscuits and learnt lots of interesting facts about Australia. Anzac biscuits were made by women for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

We brought Australian artefacts into school and shared them with our class mates.

Planning Together

During our literacy/humanities lessons we have been researching different countries and writing information leaflets about our chosen country.
Our history focus is ‘The Celts’ and we have made some amazing Celtic Round Houses out of recycled materials.

Flight and the Great Outdoors

The Butterfly Hunter

Space Exploration

As part of a rich task we have investigated various exciting space topics as a group task:

  • Robot explorers
  • The moon landing
  • Living in space
  • The Hubble telescope
  • Searching for life in space

We then presented our findings to the class.

Designing and making parachutes
Halloween Fun Day 👻

What a gruesome bunch!

Designing and making Halloween maths games.

Achieving, Building, Celebrating