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                                                         The Summer Term has arrived! 

We have a range of exciting activities planned for this term linked to our theme 'The Elements'. Our topic this term is 'The Elements' during which we will be involved in activities linked to water, wind,fire and earth. The curriculum will focus on experiential learning and active involvement to develop skills and understanding. We will be discovering how the lighthouse keeper gets his lunch and helping him with a catastrophe!! We will also be busy in the nursery garden, digging the earth and planting seeds to watch them grow. This term we will be further developing self esteem and self confidence to experiment, investigate and learn new things.

Celebrating World Oceans Day - Helping to keep our oceans clean

Exploring our senses. Recording and sharing our ideas during our Senses walk around the school garden.

Exploring the shells and pebbles in the discovery tray. We used the magnifying glasses to look at all the little details. Everything looked so much bigger through the glass!!!

Measuring the Lighthouses. Which is the tallest?

Look at our amazing writing patterns!

Cutting and sticking challenge. Can you fix the seaside picture?

Developing our pincer grip and strengthening our fingers.

Making lardy pine cones to feed the hungry birds in the nursery garden.

Look at our amazing Wind Chimes.We can hear them in the breeze.

Digging and planting in the nursery garden.

Designing and making.

Making a tasty lunch for Mr Grinling, the lighthouse keeper.

Counting and matching the raindrops to the correct buckets.

Water, Water everywhere!!!

Investigating how to move water without carrying it! Can you make the water change direction?

Counting raindrops.

Exploring Water! splosh, splashing and getting wet....

   Welcome Back to the Spring term! 

This term we have lots of exciting activities planned linked to our topic 'Dwellings'. We will be learning lots of new things about animals and their homes. We will also be looking at the homes of 'The Three little pigs' and learning all about the materials they used to build them. We will be investigating materials and their properties. We will also be looking at our own homes and where we live and get involved in building temporary shelters and dens using different materials.  We will explore the people who help us in our community too and lots more!!! We are going to be very busy!! 

Thank you for the kind donations from Whizzknitters, Diolch!

Easter 'School Assembly' with Mr Squires.

World Book Day- Can you recognise us?

While We Can't Hug

Lego Challenge!


Jolly Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics programme designed to teach children to read and write.

30 Day 'Nursery Fitness Challenge'. Are you up for it?

Crocodile Snap Pencil Grasp Childrens Song

Crocodile Snap is a children's song designed to help children improve the fine motor skills they need to hold a pencil.

                             Welcome back to the Autumn term!

Our Theme this term is 'Looking back' we have lots of exciting activities planned to develop our skills and understanding.We will be travelling back in time and discovering all about dinosaurs. We will also take a look at ourselves when we were babies and learn all about the changes we have made. We will be developing our self esteem and self confidence to experiment, investigate, learn new things and form new relationships. We will be developing our creative and expressive skills and  trying hard to solve problems. We hope you enjoy sharing our learning with us.

Look at our wonderful Tree Decorations

Long,long ago the dinosaurs roamed......

Anti Bullying week - Kind hands can ........

Keeping our bodies healthy!

Supporting Children In Need 2020

Number formation using our sparklers!!

Firework patterns, swirling, shooting, whizzing in the sky!

Heavier or lighter than......

Sequencing the school day - First, next,after,finally !!

Exploring, investigating and having fun with our friends!

Ordering numbers, 1,2,3 !

Sorting autumn, green, yellow and brown!

Counting acorns using our number line!

Eating cakes to support Macmillan Cancer Care

Achieving, Building, Celebrating