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Health & Well-being



With your parents, I would like you to discuss what targets you think you should have to focus on over the remainder of your time in year 6. 


I would like you to consider two targets under the following headings: 

  • Personal targets - how do you feel you could improve personally over the next year? For example...Do you think you should listen more? Try to improve time management and complete more tasks in allocated time? Take more responsibility for own learning in class and/or at home? Improve organisational skills? 
  • Academic targets - what areas of learning do you want gain more confidence in this year? Try to be specific, for example focusing on particular times tables, improving presentation in literacy, understanding multiplication and division, using more success criteria and devices in written work, improve editing and revising skills and so on. 
  • Independence targets - what steps do you feel you need to take to become more independent? For example, preparing uniform and lunch for school, ensuring homework is complete on time, use planner to support learning in class and at home, go to bed at set time without being asked (set alarm for morning also) and so on. 

Write down your targets by Wednesday 17th November and we will transfer them to a template in class. 

Health and well-being 


Over the past two years things have been a bit difficult for everyone...

Friendships, families and pets mean the world to us and spending time with them has become more important than ever! Small acts of kindness can mean so much too and you all definitely lead the way with your thoughtful and inspiring attitudes! 

Challenge - can you make a poster/booklet to promote things that we can do to make us happy. 

Think about what you like to do relax and feel happy; watching a film, reading, walking your dog, being outdoors, helping others ... the list is endless! 

Think carefully about your presentation - colour and images can always help to enhance work. 


You can, as always, present your work any way you wish using Hwb tools or good old paper and card! 

Achieving, Building, Celebrating