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Advice to support children and young people to manage anxiety over war,conflict and crises

The following information has been provided by Swansea Education Authority for us to share with families.


Support children and young people to manage anxiety over war, conflict and crises.


War and terrorism are not easy for anyone to comprehend or accept. Understandably, many children and young people may feel confused, upset, and anxious. Parents, teachers, and caring adults can help by listening and responding in an honest, consistent, and supportive manner. Most children, even those exposed to trauma, are quite resilient. Like most adults, they can and do get through difficult times and go on with their lives. By creating an open environment where they feel free to ask questions, trusted adults can help them cope and reduce the possibility of emotional difficulties.


Advice for Professionals


The consensus of advice provided nationally and by recognised professional bodies (e.g. British Psychological Society) is that we can support children and young people to manage anxiety over war, conflict and crises by following these key principles:


  • Give them the basics and don’t avoid the conversation 
  • Ensure they feel supported and safe 
  • Manage your own feelings 
  • Explain to your children that bad things can happen in the world but there is always some way we can help 
  • Avoid exposure to a constant stream of news 
  • Watch where they are getting their news 
  • Seek advice and support if you are concerned about your child

For further detail regarding these key principles please visit the BPS website:

More specific advice related to the recent conflict has been posted by the Department for Education: Help for teachers and families to talk to pupils about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and how to help them avoid misinformation. - The Education Hub (




Advice for Children


If you would like further support to explain the difficult concepts associated with the conflict, please visit

Newsround have also produced advice for children and young people if they are upset by the news


Child line have produced some useful advice in supporting children and young people manage their emotional response to world news:


Advice for Families

Some useful advice and tips to parents and families in talking with children about war and violence can be found on the following website:


With thanks to:

Dr Lucy E Charters

Principal Educational Psychologist, Early Help & Schools (Rochdale borough council).

Dawn Goodall
Principal Psychologist, Family Solutions - Education Psychology Children's Services (Dudley Council)

Suzy Francis (NAPEP)

Tina Hardman , Principal Educational Psychologist (City of York)

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