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Supporting the NHS COVID-19 APP

Supporting the NHS COVID-19 APP


On the 24th of September, Welsh Government and UK Government will be launching the NHS COVID-19 app across England and Wales. The NHS COVID-19 app is an important part of our Test, Trace, Protect programme to control the spread of Covid-19. The more people who use the app the greater our chances of reducing the spread of the virus.


The app will:


· let you know if you have been near someone who now has coronavirus           symptoms

· give you advice on coronavirus that is relevant to you

· allow you to check your symptoms

· take you to a website where you can book a test if you have symptoms

· provide a self-isolation countdown timer if required


What will the app do for individuals?

The app is the fastest way for users to see if they are at risk from coronavirus. It will enable users (with a compatible smart phone) to check symptoms, order tests and receive results and advice. It will also provide alerts to self-isolate if a user has been in close contact with a confirmed case and will have an ‘alert’ system which will show users the current risk level in their area. The app will be available for people to download from 24 September.


What will the app do for businesses?

There is a ‘check-in’ feature which will allow businesses to register for an official QR code, allowing app users to check-in by scanning the code. This feature allows complete anonymity for both businesses and users when tracing cases of coronavirus. It is quick, simple and secure and will help contract tracers to get in touch with users quickly if necessary. This doesn’t replace the legal requirement for certain high risk businesses in Wales to collect information from customers, staff and visitors. App and non-app users will still need to give their contact details.

It’s essential that as many people as possible download and use the app for it to work effectively, so we really need your support.

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